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If they check in on your Facebook page, they will get free wifi

Set up free WIFI without cost

Share your current internet in a safe environment with your old and new customers!

We won't change your network!

We won't touch your setup!

We don't let anyone get into your network!

You don't need a new internet connection!

will share your current internet connection! and get you a lot of Likes!!

You will be more attractive 

So many people are not able to pay the cost for unlimited Data!

Good for them your business will give them free internet connection.

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They Will stay longer 

Your client will stay longer at your place and order more! 

your spending money for your unlimited internet, let the internet works for you!

Effective Web Development Solutions

We offer Free wifi setup for every store and business.

We let your customer use a part of your internet and instead we get them to like your Facebook page!

More Facebook traffic more revenue for you.



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